Frequent Asked Questions

 Are the availabilities on the Web site are always updated?

The web site is always the principal calendar and if you make a reservation on the web site this reservation has priority over any other method of reservation.

What are the hour or arrival and departure?

Arrivals are after 5 pm and departure before 12 pm. You may choose to extend your stay and arrive earlier than 5 pm or depart later than 12 pm with a small fee if the chalet is available. If the chalet becomes unavailable the fee for the option chosen will be credited.

How to organize a group of persons to rent a Chalet/Villa?

You may use icons on the left colon
By clicking on one of the icons you will be able to send emails or publish on any social network like Facebook, My Space, Twitter, ...
You may create an event on FACEBOOK by clicking here and invite your friends.

How can I collect the other guests I want to invite?

You may use to send and collect money from your friend. They can use a credit card or bank transfer. When you have the money you can use PayPal on our Web site to pay the reservation.

Can I make a reservation before I collect everyone?

We can't reserve dates without the reservation deposit. When you make a reservation if you want to cancel you have to use our Cancellation Policy which is down below.

How much is the reservation deposit?

If your arrival is more than 30 days from now, 50% is needed to make a reservation. If the arrival date is less than 30 days from now 100% of the rental amount is needed.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may not change your dates except for extending your stay. If you wish to cancel your reservation we will make the dates of your reservation available for other customers to rent. If a customer rents the Villa at the same dates your reservation deposit will be refunded less a 200$ administration charge. If no customers rent the dates you have cancelled the reservation deposit will be lost.

Can I visit the property before making a reservation?:

A visit is possible on the scheduled days and times.
You need to send us a request by email or fill a form. We will send you the dates and times scheduled.
We don't disturb the customers during there stay.
When the cleaning is done and the house is ready for the next customer we want to keep it at it's best.
You have all the address on the web site if you wish to pass by to see the outside when it's not rented.
You have lots of pictures on the web site.

How the departure cleanup is working?

The departure cleanup is included, we expect that your group do the minimum cleanup of the house before you leave. You need to take all garbage outside in the containers and leave the house without major stain. We expect that your group wash the dishes and pans that you have used during your stay. The house needs to be left in a reasonable state or there will be charges of $35/hour for cleaning for cleanup that on your security deposit.

What is included with the rental?

Bed Linens
Toilet paper (starter kit)
Trash Bags
Dish and Dishwasher soap
Wood and starter (Winter)

What do I need to bring with me?

Clothes Soap
Hair Dryer
Personal care soap and products
Personal hair care products like Shampoo
Brush and comb for hair
Your good spirit and your smile.

How can I pay for the rental?

Paypal is an eBay company very secure for an online credit card transaction.
You don't need a PayPal account to make your payment with Visa, Master Card, American Express. You may also make a bank transfer. When you get the PayPal screen choose to CONTINUE on the left side. It will ask you for all the information we need for the payment.

Can I rent a house in Saint-Sauveur for less than 4 months?

All houses in a residential zone are not allowed to be rented for less than 4 months by municipal law.

Can I rent a house in Sainte-Adèle for less than 1 month?

Municipality laws don't allow any house in Ste-Adele to be rented for less than 30 days on all the municipality territory.

Can I rent a house in Morin-Heights for less than 1 month?

Only commercial zones where hotels and accommodations are allowed with a permit from the municipality can be rented for less than 1 month. The Morin-Heights Villa have this permit. All house in residential zones can't be rented for less than 1 month.